Welcome to AM Foundation for metabolic disorders. Our members are advised how to take care of this life threatening disease; our foundation is under surveillance of one of the world leading doctor's who has got more than a decade of experience in dealing with this major diseases.

AM Foundation main aim is to see that no child is loosing his/her life due to this monster disease. We educate our members how to deal when a women is conceived, and when baby is delivered what test need to be undertaken.

What We Do

Creating Awareness


  • Educating parents
  • Improvement of pregnancy test
  • Importance of New born screening
  • If affected how to treat
  • How and where do we get food supplements


Helping Children


  • See that no child is effected with this monster rare disorders
  • Make sure the child requires medication and food supplement in right time
  • Helping child if they require any emergency operations or medical assistance


Ensuring better life


  • Reaching out right doctor
  • Getting right medication
  • Ensure moral support to parents
  • Guiding the parent in right path



We are here to help you

Please feel free to reach us for any assistance

AM foundation helps parents and children who are in need of food supplements Which are not available locally.

Major Types of Disorders

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Amino acid metabolism disorders


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Organic acid metabolic disorders


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Fatty acid metabolic disorders


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